Remembering Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury

Cover of the book Fahrenheit 451 showing a manlike figure on fire

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The following books are available from the Main Campus Library:

  • Conversations with Ray BradburyPS 3503 .R167 Z466 2004
  • Dandelion WinePS 3503 .R167 D26 1976
  • Fahrenheit 451,  PS 3503 .R167 F3 1982
  • The Martian ChroniclesPS 3503 .R167 M3 1954
  • The Illustrated Man,   PS 3503 .R167 I44 1967

Here is a link to a nice article from the NY Times about Bradbury’s life and work:

Here is a short essay written by Bradbury published in the New Yorker, June 4, 2o12:

Visit the author’s website :