Cool author alert! Science writer Mary Roach is coming to Durham

The Dr. Charles Sanders President’s Lecture Series at Durham Tech


Mary Roach

Sunday, April 13th  7:00 p.m. Carolina Theatre, Downtown Durham

Author Mary Roach leans in a doorway

Mary Roach, from

Read more about the author and her fascinating books on her website.  Members of our library staff have read and enjoyed her books immensely and look forward to seeing her.
The subjects of her highly entertaining and well researched books include:  space exploration, the afterlife, sex research, human cadavers, and the digestive system!
Shows the feet of a corpse with a label, "Stiff"
An astronaut floats in space with a suitcase. Title says, "Packing for Mars"

Instead of judging a book by its cover…

 Shows an open book with a few pages tucked back into the spine to form the shape of a heart.

Try picking a book based on it’s description!  Below are a few descriptions of some of the library’s new books. The descriptions are written a little like dating profiles (though you may never want to date these individuals!) with just a bit of information.  See if any of these books interest you.  The titles and call numbers are at the bottom of the entry, if you’re interested in reading them!

  1. I’m a poet at heart. Bilingual and bicultural, I straddle the world of modern America and the nostalgia for Cuba, passed down to me by my exile parents. I am spirited, young, and have excellent rhythm.
  2. The last of my kind, I am beautiful and powerful. I can really get inside your head. I try to use my powers for good and keep to myself, but drama keeps finding me. I am continually pulled into adventure.
  3. I am really interested in female drama, especially the relationships between mothers and daughters. I have a lot of secrets and heartache, but I can be very tender at times, especially in trying to protect others.
  4. I may be young, but I’ve been through a lot. My family and I have been attacked, and we fought back. I have done bad things, but I feel justified, and besides, you can’t take back the past. You’ve got to be strong to face the future, and I’ve got to help fight for the kind of future I want to live in.
  5. When I took power, people were hopeful about me and the promise that I had. I’ve been a real disappointment, though, and brought pain and violence to many. I keep causing problems for those around me. Read more to find out what went wrong and what the future might hold.

The descriptions above are for the following books:

1) City of a Hundred Fires by Richard Blanco. Call number PS 3552 .L36533 C58 1998.

2) Fire by Kristin Cashore. Call number PZ 7 .C26823 Fi 2011.

3) A Grown-up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson. Call number PS 3610 .A3525 G76 2012.

4) Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Call number PZ 7 .R7375 Ins 2012.

5) Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad by David Lesch. Call number DS 98.6 .L475 2013.