Picture (Book) Perfect

Did you know that the Durham Tech Library has a whole collection of children’s picture books? Well, we do!

They are located against the wall on the lower level of the library. 

Books shelves with really cute picture books.
Look at all those cute books!

We have classics, awards winners, and freshly published titles for you check out. My personal favorites are the ones with dragons in them. Dragons are great.

Come by and check some out. I bet someone wants you to read to them!

Little girl holding out a book saying "pretty please."
From tenor.com.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Durham Tech!

As we begin the Fall 2017 semester, a few friendly library reminders:

Your student ID is your pass into the library. Current students need to have a up-to-date student ID. There will be a grace period the first week of classes, but after that, each student only gets 2 passes a semester (alternate photo ID required). Get or update your student ID at the Security Desk on any Durham Tech Campus –it should say Fall 2017.

Textbooks are available for in-library use. Behind the circulation desk, we have textbooks on reserve for many classes for anyone to use. These textbooks can’t leave the library and are loaned out on a first come, first served basis. If you’re looking at a way to cut costs or aren’t sure if you need to buy a book for a class, you’re welcome to use ours. You can check them out with your updated student ID/library card for two hours at a time.

Books and DVDs are here for you to borrow. We have all kinds of fiction and non-fiction books and DVDs (and even a small collection of CDs) that you can check out to take home. Books check out for three weeks; movies check out for one week. You can also renew items one time each. Don’t have what you’re looking for? We can get most books or articles for you from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

Librarians are here to help. The library has physical books as well as online databases full of books and articles,and librarians ready to teach you how to use them. We can also help you learn your way around the computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and around your course resources, like Sakai and your Connectmail. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Have a great semester and don’t forget to stop by and see us!



Free printing in the ERC lab!

Students– did you know that you know that you can get 10 free pages of computer printing in the library per day? You can, and there’s no catch– with your current ID in hand, just go to the computer lab in the main campus library. Our lab is down the stairs inside the library and immediately to your right.

Durham Tech offers 10 free pages of black and white printing for current students in both the ERC main campus library lab and in the Wynn Center computer lab. Both labs require current Durham Tech IDs.

It is quick and easy to get your ID or your updated ID sticker at Campus Security in Building 8.  There is no cost to get an ID or sticker, except if you are replacing a lost ID (the replacement cost  is $10).

Need to print more than 10 pages? Yes, sure, you can do that! The cost is 5 cents for each additional page over your first 10 pages. You can also print upstairs for 5 cents per page for every page.

How does it work? Easy! Just bring your current Durham Tech ID, which you’ll need to show at both the door of the library and again at the door of the lab. In the lab, log in to our computers using your Web Advisor username. Once you send your print jobs, the ERC computer lab monitor will release up to 10 pages for free and you will pick them up right there in the lab.

If you print more than 10 pages, the lab monitor will give you a bill, which you will pay at the front desk upstairs in the library. Then library staff will then release your print job and you will retrieve it in the lab.

Some questions we are frequently asked about lab printing:

Can I get my 10 free pages on the upstairs computers?
No. Free printing is available downstairs in the lab only.

Can I pick up my print jobs upstairs?
No. We can’t change the print job destination to upstairs.

Can I print double-sided in the computer lab?
No. The downstairs printers do not have that option.

Can I print in color from downstairs?
Yes, just select a color printer from the menu when you send your job. Cost is 25 cents per page.

Can I pay for additional pages or for color print jobs using a debit or credit card?
Sorry, we can accept only cash to pay for print jobs.

Can I print in the ERC lab without my current student ID?
No, you must have your current Durham Tech ID with you every time you enter the lab.  The lab monitors cannot look you up or accept other forms of ID.  If you are in the library without your ID using your one time library courtesy pass, you can still print at the computers upstairs for just 5 cents per page.

Do you have any questions? Let us know. We look forward to seeing you in the library!

Summer School Reading: Textbooks On Reserve in the Library

Waiting for your books to arrive or need to save some cash this summer?

The library has many textbooks on reserve for you to borrow in-library for 2 hours at a time.  Give us a call or stop by to see if we have something that can help you out for the summer semester!

Remember that we offer our regular library services over the summer as well, including research and citation help, inter-library loan, book check-out, a computer lab, and upstairs printing for $.05 a page.

Current Student IDs: Not Just for Main Campus Library Access!

ID Card

Now that the first week of class is over (Congrats!  You did it!), students should have stopped by the Security Office on Main Campus or Security Desk at the Northern Durham Center or Orange County Campus to order or update their student ID.  Please be aware that students without updated Durham Tech student IDs will not be allowed into the Main Campus library starting on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 (see below for more information on the ID policy).  

However, a current student ID doesn’t just get you access to the books, DVDs, computers, CDs, and other perks of the Durham Tech library– it also can get you discounts at local and national chains, both in-person and online.

Locally (click on the links for more information):

National chains with local presences:

(Be sure to check at national chains to see if they’re currently honoring student IDs as policies may vary.)

Investigate for yourself using the following lists:

Good luck and happy saving!

More information on the student ID policy: Students may sign in at Main Campus library one time per semester with an alternate form of photo identification and proof of their current enrollment (syllabus, textbook, etc.).  Current students may not sign in as guests— their names will be checked with the one-time pass list, and they will be denied entry if they have already used their pass this semester.

Please note that Durham Tech students taking classes on other campuses must still have a current student ID in order to enter the Main Campus library.

Our Library Computer Lab

Photograph of a librarian teaching a class in the library

In addition to our computers upstairs, our main campus (ERC) library is glad to be able to offer a computer lab that is open to all current Durham Tech students!

In the ERC lab, which is down the stairs inside the library and immediately to the right, our lab monitors offer technical support, a scanner is available, and you can print up to 10 black and white pages for free each day. Subsequent black and white pages are 5 cents each, and all color copies are 25 cents each.

The lab is available to students whenever the library is open, except for times when librarians are teaching library instruction classes. During these times, which are posted on the lab door, the lab is reserved for students in these classes only.

We want the lab to be a quiet area dedicated to academic work, so please keep our policies for using the lab in mind:

  • Only current Durham Tech students may use the lab, and a new or updated Durham Tech ID/proof of current student status is required. No children are allowed (no one may accompany students into the lab).
  • Only academic work is permitted.
  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited.
  • Keep it quiet–no loud talking or headphone noise is permitted.
  • Students are expected to comply with Durham Tech’s Appropriate Use of Computing Resources Policy.

Let our library staff know if you have any questions, and thank you for complying with our policies and keeping our lab a great place for students to work! And remember, students must also show their current (new or updated) Durham Tech student IDs to enter both the library and the lab.

What Can Your Library Do For You?

Whether you’re a new student, returning student, staff or faculty member, the library has resources and services to help your semester be a success, both in person and on our website!

Did you know that in the library you can:

And much more!  And all of our databases and other digital resources?  You can even access them from home!

Come by and see us!  If this is your first time using the library, please remember to bring your updated Durham Tech ID for entry.