Read Across Durham Tech!

Tuesday through Saturday of next week (March 7-11) are Durham Tech’s Inclement Weather Make-Up Days (aka “Not Spring Break”), and since we haven’t had inclement weather, there will be a break in classes.

March is National Reading Month and this year, Thursday, March 2 (today!) has been designated Read Across America Day.

We get that sometimes when you’re in school or teaching that it can be hard to budget time, energy, and attention for reading if it’s not your go-to, but we believe that everyone who wants to be a reader can be.

Awkward Yeti comic "Heart Tries Reading". Heart and Brain are anthropomorphic organs having a conversation. Brain is reading a book and says, "Heart, come read with me." Heart responds, "Oh fine, I'll look at your boring books." When Heart looks at the book, he sees various exciting scenes: A knight, a pirate ship, and an undersea-scape. Heart appears from behind the book and says, "THAT'S reading?!" and Brain responds, "Yep. Sorry to bore you."

To challenge yourself and join our quiet society of readers at Durham Tech, check out the Read Great Things Challenge, the Library’s annual category-based challenge, now in its 6th year. You can “win” with 5 strategically-chosen books.

In honor of Read Across America Day and National Reading Month, there are a few things that the Durham Tech Library would like to remind you about reading and your reading self–

  • Like other skills we learn, you can become a better reader through practice.
  • Like other habits we develop, you can work reading into your daily schedule by adding it with intention.
  • Do you like podcasts? Try audiobooks!
  • And on that note: Audiobooks and graphic novels are books and “count” as reading, too!
  • Not every book is for every person and that’s okay. Don’t yuck someone else’s favorites.
  • No read shaming! You’re allowed to dislike things without making others feel bad about liking them (and vise versa).
  • Being a slow reader is not a sign of moral failure or a lack of intelligence. Being a fast reader doesn’t mean you’re a better person in some existential way, either.
  • And an occasionally controversial take: If you’re reading something for fun and you’re just really, really not feeling it, you can put it down. [We mostly just have to push through and finish assigned reading. Such is life and college.]

Keep reading to learn more about the in-person AND online reading collections available through your Durham Tech Libraries.

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Small Steps to Improve Heart Health for Heart Month (February)

We may be reaching the end of February and American Heart Month, but we can pump out a month-end blog post.

(That pun was weak. I know. Let’s not talk about it, okay?)

Take charge of your heart health. Take small steps to prevent heart disease and stroke.

This year’s theme is “Live to the Beat,” which aims to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in Black adults ages 35 to 54 by taking small steps to address key risk factors such as hypertension, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

Some tips?

  • Get moving! Just 10 minutes a day to get started can have a positive impact! [YouTube video: “Move More for a Healthy Heart”]
  • Know and watch your cholesterol levels! Adding more fiber and reducing saturated fats can reduce cholesterol levels or help keep healthy levels in check! [YouTube video: “Keep Your Cholesterol In Check”]
  • Work with your doctor or medical professional! Having a qualified medical professional’s advice can be invaluable to keeping your heart healthy! [YouTube video: “Rx for a Healthy Heart”]

Common Heart Attack Warning Signs: Pain or discomfort in chest; Lightheadedness, nausea, or vomiting; Jaw, neck, or back pain; Discomfort or pain in arm or shoulder; Shortness of breath (American Heart Association infographic)

It’s also helpful to review the common signs of a heart attack and know that these symptoms may differ between men and women.

If in doubt, get help. Minutes matter.

Keep reading for some Library resources to learn more about the heart and circulatory system, including a virtual 3D model of the circulatory system for those pursuing health science degrees or those just heart-curious.

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App-ly Yourself! Digital Apps for Exploring Durham Tech Libraries

Apps to explore durham tech libraries

While students and staff can explore the library’s website and its many resources on their smartphones and tablets, dedicated standalone apps for these devices can still offer a great deal of flexibility. Users may already be familiar with Libby, which grants Durham Tech users access to the wonderful Dogwood Digital Library collection, which offers popular fiction and non-fiction books. This post highlights a few other apps that provide unique ways of accessing academic materials while on the go.

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Recommended Professional Reading for Faculty and Staff

The Library has added many new materials for faculty and staff on equity, pedagogy, student engagement, online teaching and learning, student services, and more!

New Directions for Community Colleges journal

The Library also subscribes to the journal New Directions for Community Colleges in print and with online access (log in using your Durham Tech username and password).

This journals offers practical recommendations on current trends in the field of community college education and includes contributions from leaders and researchers through evidence-based and research-oriented accounts that shape policy and practice.

The current issue is focused on expanding community college opportunities through access, transfer, and completion. Other issues highlight Latinx students, work-based learning, and teaching and learning in the 21st Century Community College.

Keep reading to check out our professional reading recommendations.

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Caring for Yourself and Being There for Others

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. With an on-going pandemic, global conflict, and then the rigors of everyday life, the past few years have been a lot.

Be Well at Durham Tech provides students with a 24/7, 365 free mental health support line with licensed counselors as well as free telehealth or off campus face-to-face counseling sessions.

Students are able to receive services regardless of their location– in-state or internationally.

Health insurance is not required for services.

To access the free 24/7 mental health support line, call 833-434-1217Speak with a counselor or make an appointment.

If you have questions, contact Karen Mosley-Lyon at

Are you a Durham Tech student who wants to speak to a licensed mental health professional? Counseling Services is here for you during regular campus hours.

Are you a Durham Tech employee who wants to speak with a licensed mental health professional? Remember that you have access to the Employee Assistance Program. It’s free and confidential. 

If you’re struggling right now or know someone who is, sometimes it’s hard to know how to feel better. While we can’t fix everything immediately for ourselves or others, we can look for help ourselves or find ways to support others.

If you’re really struggling, it’s important to reach out and ask for help. You are important. You matter. You deserve to get help.

The Durham Tech Main Campus, Orange County Campus, and Dogwood Digital Library collections have lots of books available to help you learn more about your mental health and promote positive habits. Click through for what we’ve got available.

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Explore the stage with our live theater database Digital Theater+

Durham Tech Libraries recently added a very exciting new database resource: Digital Theater+!

When Durham Tech students and instructors use Digital Theater+, they can explore high quality videos of award-winning plays, dig into the history of various genres of theater, and enjoy a Spotify-like curation of stories by theme. It’s an all-encompassing theatrical experience*.

*Stage fright not included.

Continue reading to see what the fuss is all about!

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Films on Demand: Nursing Current Concepts and Practices Collection

Calling all nursing students and instructors—we have a new audio and video collection for you!

Films on Demand Nursing Collection

Nursing: Current Concepts and Practices Collection from Films on Demand is designed to help students pass licensure exams and prepare for long-term job success. 

It includes titles from the last 5 years from trusted nursing education sources such as Medcom-Trainex, Elsevier, Medivision, American Academy of Pediatrics, and more! 

Because this is a database of only video and audio resources, it’s perfect for visual and auditory learners (and those who don’t have a preference but want to switch it up). 

Stuck in traffic? NCLEX coming up? It’s the perfect time to listen to a nursing podcast such as Nurse-Led Rapid Responses  

Nurse-Led Rapid Responses Podcast

Films on Demand is mobile friendly too, so you’re not tied to your computer. You can download the Films on Demand app from either Google or Apple and have it ready to go on your phone. 

Off-campus access is easy– just log in with your Durham Tech username and password (same as for Sakai or Self-Service) when prompted. 

Instructors can embed links to videos in your Sakai pages, create and share video playlists for your students, or even create quizzes. All videos have captions, interactive transcripts, citations, translation options, and public performance rights. Remember to use the Share button to get the link in order for everyone to access materials off-campus.

Want to learn more? Have questions? 

Connect with a Librarian to ask!