Do Your Own Research! (But how?)

It’s officially fall. There’s a chill in the air and jackets are starting to be worn outside (and not just in overly air conditioned buildings). 

It’s also research assignment season. 

Research: Asking the right questions

Whether you’re working towards your last research assignment of the semester, starting your first big research paper, or somewhere in between, we can help! Keep reading for some tips and tricks from your Durham Tech Librarians about researching and keeping your sources organized (which will make writing your paper easier in the long run).

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Explore our Specialty Databases: ScienceDirect

Researching scientific and medical topics can sometimes be daunting.

Sometimes you want to go to a big lots-of-topics-in-one database like ProQuest Central or search everything available in the Durham Tech digital and physical collection all at once using the Search Library option, but other times you want to go directly to a database that caters to the subject at hand.

Science Direct database logo

ScienceDirect is one of our specialty databases containing primarily ebooks and peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles about scientific and medical topics, including open-access resources.

You can access it directly by going to the Articles, Journals, and Databases box on the Library’s homepage and using the link provided. Off-campus users will then login using their Durham Tech username and password (the same as Sakai and Self-Service). 

Read on to learn how ScienceDirect and make your scientific and medical research easier! 

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Open Educational Resources in North Carolina Higher Education

March 1-5, 2021 is Open Education Week! 

North Carolina, like many states, is moving towards making Open Educational Resources a valid alternative to traditional publisher-controlled teaching resources. 

Open Education Week 2021, showing an O with a graduation cap

Today’s blog post will acquaint you with some of the things NC has been doing with OER and hopefully get you thinking about how you might use them to customize your course content (and make life simpler for students!). 

Check it out! 

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Where Have All My Librarians Gone? Librarian contact info and library services while everyone is off-campus

The librarians are still here for you, though we’re working remotely and with our new [unpaid] coworkers. Note: These coworkers are not very good at accurate typing, so will not be manning the chat.  

Shiba Inu dog reclining on pillows animated to be "typing" on a laptop (its paws are not touching the keys)

Well, what can we do (and what is a no-go for off-campus work conditions)? 

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Spring Library News (You Can Use)

The spring Durham Tech Library newsletter is now available. Features include new staff, OER, Summon tips and tricks, current reading challenges, upcoming Crafternoons, TLC news, and more!