Where Have All My Librarians Gone? Librarian contact info and library services while everyone is off-campus

The librarians are still here for you, though we’re working remotely and with our new [unpaid] coworkers. Note: These coworkers are not very good at accurate typing, so will not be manning the chat.  

Shiba Inu dog reclining on pillows animated to be "typing" on a laptop (its paws are not touching the keys)

Well, what can we do (and what is a no-go for off-campus work conditions)? 

What we can do for faculty, staff, and students: 

What we cannot do (sorry): 

  • Renew your books. They’re no longer overdue if you’ve checked them out recently– you can return them when we open the building up again. Remember that we don’t charge late fees for non-reserve items, just replacement fees for long overdue items. Have a bill for a long overdue book? If you have the book, you can return it when we get back on campus. If you don’t, you can pay the bill through Self-Service. 
  • Check out physical books for you. (Have you checked out your public library’s awesome online databases, including Libby or Hoopla?)
  • Help you print, copy, or scan. But there are lots of apps for scanning available for your smart phone! (No links, but they exist! Search your app store.)
  • Check out a study room for you and five of your best study buds. (Have you tried Zoom or Google Hangouts? We’re using Microsoft Teams around Durham Tech. Phone apps are available for all these programs.)

We know this is a really unsettled time. Please let us know what we can do to help or if we can try to direct you to any college resources. Many of us are also advisors, too.