New Library Staff: The Work-from-Home Edition

Lots of changes happening, including new [unpaid] staff members helping your current library staff as we work from home. 

Zak Isaacs, a black and tan medium hair, medium sized dog shown in a pile of fluff from tearing apart a pillow

Zak Isaacs, Mail Services (Bippley Campus). Perhaps should look into a position change as he is always trying to chase the mail delivery truck away. This has been noted in his PR&E as an area that needs improvement.

Timon Callison, a large brown and white tabby cat sprawled out on a white blanket showing off fabulous black belly spots

Timon Callison, Vice President of Employee Management. A bit of a micromanager, honestly. Always checking to see if you’re doing everything right and telling you when you’re not. Might eat your lunch out of the fridge, even if labelled. 

Simon Baker, a fluffy brown tabby sleeping on a purple and white woven blanket, with elegant white whiskers

Simon Baker, Scheduling Coordinator/ Diet and Nutrition Consultant. Keeps everyone to a tight schedule, especially related to mealtime. Active participant in campus stress relief activities. 

Pumbaa "Poom" Callison, an attentive brown tabby cat with green eyes sitting next to a laptop with his front paws resting in a human hand

Pumbaa “Poom” Callison, Technology Assistant. Very helpful and paws-on. Willing to assist with anything, though his technique of sitting on the computer could use some improvement. Leads the campus chorus randomly throughout the day. 

Kira Isaacs, a medium hair brindle dog with a fluffy wagging tail and perky black ears, sitting on a tan ottoman

Kira Isaacs, Food Services Coordinator (Bippley Campus). Makes sure everyone gets fed on time and encourages productive snacking. Sometimes caught napping on the job. Would stay awake for more snacks. Do you have snacks? 

Jix Brooks, a fluffy tan dog with delightful white feet and chest, reclining on a brown couch

Jix Brooks, Employee Activities Coordinator. Encourages physical activity breaks from computer work. Has done extensive paws-on research on the benefits of outdoor activity. Certified personal trainer. 

Jake Weaver, a fluffy gray and white cat with a wonderfully pink nose and light green eyes

Jake Weaver, Campus Security (Baker Campus). Cross-trained as campus Diet and Nutrition Specialist, Assistant. Leads regular professional development on grooming. 

George Lewis, a orange tabby cat on his back on a white carpet, holding onto a blue toy on a string with his front paws

George “Biscuits” Lewis, Intern Employee Activities Coordinator. Still learning how to coordinate diverse activities– currently rather fixated on mouse- and bird-on-a-string-related engagement. Participates in campus chorus. 

Royal Tenenbaum Humphrey, a handsome short-haired all gray cat reclining on a porch with a bird book in front of him

Royal Tenenbaum Humphrey, Research Specialist/Social Media Specialist. Professional birder. Social media influencer. Research interests in being generally handsome.  

Firefox "Mr. Snuffles" Callison, a croissant-shaped orange tabby cat, sleeping with his paw over his cute little face

Firefox “Mr. Snuffles” Callison, Human Resources. Chief human welfare specialist, including advocating for increased daily cuddles and snuggles. Active participant in campus stress relief activities. 

Charlie Lewis, a fat-headed black and white cat standing up with his paws resting on a couch cushion looking out the window

Charlie Lewis, Campus Security. Occasional window-checker, especially attentive to squirrel-based activities. Seems to sleep through most of first and second shift, so maybe he’s third shift? Research interest in solar power. 

Ashputtle "Puddle" Callison, a very pretty short-haired white kitty with a nice pink nose sitting on a porch with trees in the background

Ashputtle “Puddle” Callison, Personal Research Coordinator. Excellent at completing independent projects, but could improve on her teamwork with other coworkers. 

Buddy Smith, a light tan medium-haired dog with a lovely white face, chest, and paws, looking excitedly up at the camera

Buddy Smith, Telecommunications Assistant (McCaskill Campus). Enjoys offering his feedback during conference calls. Research interests include walks, travel (especially to dog parks), and bacon. 

In all seriousness, we’re here to help. Let us know what we can do. Faculty, we can still arrange synchronous or asynchronous library instruction. Students, we can still help you with your research either through email or chat (video or audio). We’re all available through email or through the general library email address at