Fall 2020 Library Services: Always Virtual, and Sometimes In-person [Updated Monday, Nov. 23]


Your Durham Tech librarians are here for you, virtually and for limited in-person hours on the Main Campus and Orange County Campus Libraries. If you’re coming anywhere on any of the Durham Tech campuses, you need to wear an effective face covering that covers both your nose and mouth the entire time you’re on campus. Masks are available at the Library desk and other locations on campus for those who need them

Durham Tech Library Fall 2020 Schedule (for Nov. 23 to Nov. 27) Main Campus Library is open by appointment only on Monday and Tuesday from 8:30 to 4:30. The Orange County Campus Library is open on Monday from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. The Main Campus Library will be closed for in-person service on Wed., Nov. 25, but virtual services will be available from 8:30-5:00. The College is closed Thurs., Nov. 26 and Fri., Nov 27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 
To make an appointment, email the general library email account (library@durhamtech.edu) or call 919-536-7211 extension 1631. Before coming to campus, everyone should complete the Durham Tech Daily Check-In form to get the current code word. Hours may change. Please check the library homepage or call the library before coming to campus. Updates will be posted and sent out to the college community. Library chat (ChatStaff) is staffed by Durham Tech Librarians Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Library staff are available through email as well. Students, faculty, and staff may request appointments at the Northern Durham Center, Orange County Campus, and Main Campus at alternate times through the library email account (library@durhamtech.edu).

We want to encourage you to stay online if you are able. The Center for Academic Excellence has awesome tutoring available for technology help and you can always chat with or email your librarians. Need a computer, Chromebook, or internet at home? Check out the Computer and Internet Assistance page to get started requesting help. 

If you feel sick, have been tested for COVID and are waiting for the results, or have been exposed to COVID, please stay home. Give us a call (919-536-7211, extension 1631) or send us an email (library@durhamtech.edu) to see how we can help you remotely. 

Welcome to the Durham Tech Library.

If you do need to come to campus when we are open, you will be required to complete the Durham Tech Daily Check-In form to get the daily code word. When you arrive in the library, you will be required to check in at the library desk with a photo ID (student ID preferred) for contact tracing and you will give the daily code word. Quick trips are encouraged.

We are currently operating at a 25 person maximum capacity, and our downstairs areas are closed (study areas, downstairs computer lab, and book stacks). If the Library is at maximum capacity, you’ll be asked to wait outside until someone leaves. As health conditions improve, the maximum occupancy will increase. 

Well, what can you do and what can we help you with through virtual and in-person library services? 


Don’t Miss Our 2020 Reading Challenges!

Despite the fact that sometimes it still feels like April and that yesterday was August 1, the big ol’ year that has been 2020 is almost over.

Owl watching hourglass flipping up and down

What does that mean? Well, it’s time to make your “what I read” list and check it twice to make sure you finished your Read Great Things 2020 Challenge categories and see how many books you read to see if you finished the Above Average Reading Challenge.

Prizes will be available for winners in December, and we’ll have a virtual celebration in January both to reveal the 2021 categories and share what our beginning-of-year reads are.

Need info about the reading challenges or how to claim your victory? Keep reading!

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Out Loud in the Library: Episode 3

This week in Out Loud in the Library I spoke with Charmaine Grafton, President of the Student Government Association.

For all those who have met her, you already know she is a delightful and authentic person. It was a pleasure to get to speak to her and learn about what the SGA is up to this year. They are adapting to the online environment admirably. But, I don’t need to tell you that. You can listen for yourself!

Durham Tech Virtual Crafternoon: Paper Stars!

It’s time for another virtual Crafternoon! Crafternoons are a partnership between the Durham Tech Student Government Association and the Library. 

Video with step-by-step images on how to create paper star wreaths.
How to make paper stars in 11 seconds. 

Today, I’ll walk through how to make paper stars, which–depending on the size of paper you use– can be used as a decorative wreath or just decoration. Heck, if you want to make a lot of them, you can even make a paper star garland! 

Do you want six pages of scrapbook paper to make your own paper star wreath? We have some scrapbook paper kits available for current students to pick up at the Main Campus Library. Request your paper through our Wufoo form– current students only, please

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Exploring careers? Check out Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center landing screen: Explore Careers, Plan your Education, Prepare for your Career, Find a Career

This database offers job and industry profiles, job hunting and workplace skills, career exploration and industry resources all in many formats, from streaming video to chat. If you want, you can create a personal login and save content to your own folder.

Use the link from the Library’s Articles, Journals, and Databases box on the library homepage (F for Ferguson’s) and log in off-campus by using your Durham Tech username and password–the same one you would use for Sakai or Self-Service. Not affiliated with Durham Tech? Check with your NC public library for access information. 


Courtney’s Podcast Recs

Hello, hello, hello!

If you haven’t heard yet, the Durham Tech Library has started a podcast! It’s called Out Loud in the Library. You can listen and subscribe through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. 

I’m a big podcast listener myself so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you today. Obviously, my podcast is the best one. But once you finish listening to mine I’m sure you’ll want more podcast content. So, listen to episode 2 of Out Loud in the Library below and then continue scrolling for my top three favorite podcasts!

Click here for podcast recs

Need a new read? NoveList Plus can help you find the perfect book

NoveList Plus: The secret to finding your next great read

NoveList Plus all about books and only books, all kinds of books for all ages, including fiction books, narrative non-fiction books, and audiobooks.  It works on the premise that if you know one book or author or series that you like, you can use NoveList Plus to enter criteria and then find books or with similar features. You can also browse lists created in the database to find your next read. 

Looking for a book to complete a Read Great Things 2020 category? Let NoveList help! Here’s how: 


It’s Election Day!

Happy Election Day 2020! 

Today is the last day to cast your vote! Join your Durham Tech community and cast your vote if you’re eligible and haven’t already! 

Durham Tech Early Voting pictures and Selfies, including some pens, thumbs up, and celebratory shoes. We voted!

In order to vote today, you’ll need to go to your assigned polling place and can vote until 7:30 p.m.– if you’re in line at 7:30 p.m., no matter how long the line may be, you can cast your ballot. Learn more from the NC State Board of Elections about what to expect when voting on Election Day, including links to download a sample ballot.

No ID is required. 

As a voter, you have rights! Here’s a concise list from Democracy NC about your Voter’s Bill of Rights. (Also available in Spanish.) Remember that voter intimidation is against both state and federal law. Report any instances of voter intimidation to the election official at your polling place 

If you’d like to drop off your Vote-by-Mail/Absentee Ballot in person, you can do so on Election Day at your county’s Board of Elections office by 5:00 p.m. All ballots sent through the mail must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 12

Unfortunately, if you have not registered to vote, you can no longer do so, but if you have registered and your name is not found at your polling place, you have the right to complete a provisional ballot

Out Loud in the Library: A Durham Tech Library Podcast

The second episode of the Durham Tech Library podcast, Out Loud in the Library is out today! Check out Episode 2: Action Plan with Angela Davis about Durham Tech’s Action Plan for Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity.

Need to study for the TEAS & NCLEX (or other professional exams)? Check out our test prep resources

Are you looking for some study resources for the TEAS, NCLEX, or other professional exams? Or even some GED, ACT, SAT, and GRE prep?

The Durham Tech Library has access to three test prep databases: BoardVitals, PrepSTEP, and TERC.

All Durham Tech students, faculty, and staff are able to access these databases on and off-campus. Log in using your Durham Tech username and password, the same as you’d use for Self-Service, WebAdvisor, or Sakai.

Not affiliated with Durham Tech? TERC is also available through your local NC public library through NC LIVE. 

For your TEAS and NCLEX online test preparation needs, let’s explore what’s available. 

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Durham Tech Crafternoon– Making Decorative Masks… for your Eyes!

Crafternoons are a partnership between the Durham Tech Student Government Association and the Library. 

Masks have taken on a different meaning this year, but let’s decorate the top part of your face to go along with the mask that covers your nose and mouth. 

Durham Tech Crafternoon: Make Your Own Mask
Does this remind anyone else of the putties from Power Rangers?

What you need for a basic mask:

  • Paper (I’d recommend a lightweight sheet to make your ideal template and then–if you like– something heavier to give it structure, but since you’re going to decorate it, feel free to use those political fliers)
  • OR a blank mask template (Many printables are available online, but for something a little fancier, you can purchase one at craft supply stores.)
  • Decorations! Felt, sequins, feathers, leather, paint, or anything else to decorate that brings you joy! 

Current students can request a blank mask to pick up at the Main Campus Library.

Do you want your own blank mask to decorate? We have some masks available for current students to pick up at the Main Campus Library. 

Request your mask through our Wufoo form– current students only, please. 

Are you a reluctant crafter who needs some advice on how to get started? We’re here for you. Read on. 

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