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Need to dig deep into a topic and want a single source to use as a great starting point?  Try CQ Researcher!

CQ Researcher: In-depth reports on today's issues

One of the library databases that we love best for research is CQ [Congressional Quarterly] Researcher. Unlike databases such as ProQuest that serve as an information middlemen for many sources and can leave researchers overwhelmed by their search results, especially when first getting started, CQ Researcher offers its own in-depth, unbiased reports on general topics such as health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.

To learn a little more about CQ Researcher, check out our video (and for instructors, feel free to use this or any of the other WarpWire videos in the Durham Tech Library collection). 

Screenshot of landing page for CQ Researcher intro and basic tutorial WarpWire Video. Click on image to view video in new tab.
Click on the image above to go to the video.

These reports are written by journalists, which means that while CQ is not an scholarly source primarily written for an audience of experts, it is a credible source containing reports that are meticulously researched and professionally fact-checked. 

Each report features an overview of the topic, followed by an assessment of the current situation, the future outlook, and more. Graphics such as tables and maps are always included. The bibliography at the end will lead you to additional sources. 

Screen shot of The Mars Mission CQ Researcher article from Feb. 21, 2020-- shows sections of article, question that the article will focus on ("Can NASA overcome all the challenges?"), Issue Tracker with all other space and Mars-related articles, and the intro paragraph

One of my favorite features is the Pro/Con section, a debate
by two experts arguing opposing sides of a specific question related to the topic.  This is a great tool for seeing two sides of an issue, which is especially useful for persuasive papers or debates.


  • Reports can be emailed or saved as PDFs. 
  • CQ’s Citetool, while not perfect, can help get your citation started. They also have additional great tips for how to cite
  • Use Browse Reports by Topic to explore broad subjects and get ideas for your research
  • Hot Topics [on the landing page] are shorter up-to-date reports on 20 of the most popular research subjects.

As with all our library databases, you’ll use your Durham Tech  username and password to access it off-campus (same as you’d use for Sakai or Self-Service).

CQ Researcher doesn’t have reports on every topic and it’s not a scholarly source, but it digs deep into the topics it covers and can be a great place to start your research. 

Interested in learning more?  Try out CQ Researcher