To Infinity… and Beyond! Books in (and about) Space!

Black & white gif of rotating planets and disembodied hands holding books, gently waving them back and forth.

Explore new frontiers with a book set in or about space
with the Read Great Things 2021 Challenge.

Keep reading for some suggestions, including some double-dippers. 

Double dip and get into a novella series to fill that short book category (could we also call these LITTLE DIPPERS? Eh?):

Double dip and travel to space with a book with pictures

Explore new frontiers with some fiction from our collections: 

Or get the facts with nonfiction about space: 

Or just read about cats in space (as ya do): 

Want to check one of these books out? You can either request it yourself through the catalog or contact us and we can get it for you and schedule a time for you to come get it.

Happy space reading! And remember that any of these books fit into our favorite category– A book suggested by a Durham Tech Library staff member or on the Library blog!

Looking for more Read Great Things 2021 category suggestions? Check out our short book list from January

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