Finishing Up National Library Week: Your Library Staff

So technically Tuesday was National Library Workers’ Day, but it was also a high pollen count day, so there’s been a bit of a delay in posting (apologies).

We may be biased (acknowledging bias is an important part of information literacy, you know), but we have a great group of library employees. Your Durham Tech Library staff participate in councils, committees, mentoring, programming, advising, campus planning, and many other parts of the Durham Tech community. We recognize that the way to best help Durham Tech is to be engaged beyond the Library walls, while still providing our necessary services and spaces for collaboration, studying, and research. We support students by collaborating with other departments to provide Chromebooks, Crafternoons, and even help host the annual Art Show (coming very soon!). We facilitate reading groups and challenges and help with tech literacy. We’re proud of our role at Durham Tech.

Oh, and your Library staff can also help you check off that final box of your Read Great Things Challenge every year— A book recommended by a Durham Tech Library staff member either in person or on the blog.

Without further ado, here’s your 2021-2022 Durham Tech Library staff with a furry or book friend.

2021-2022 Durham Tech Library staff. More details in caption, including book or animal component and professional title
Top to bottom, left to right: Courtney Bippley, Main Campus Reference Librarian, and photogenic Kira; Kyle Minton, Reference Librarian (Main Campus and Northern Durham Center) and fluffy gentleman Otto; Susan Baker, Main Campus Reference Librarian, and Dewey (the book and symbolic cat); Meredith Lewis, Orange County Campus Librarian, and George, who does not like to be held except in certain very specific situations; Charles Farrow, Main Campus Library Technician and our rock, and Educated and Your Best Life Now; Lorell Butler, Main Campus Library Technician, sassy purple glasses, and Tune In; Stephen Brooks, Main Campus Reference Librarian, and Infinite Jest (an infinite book); Sasha Deyneka, all campuses Reference Librarian, the lovely Echo (the dog), and Uncle Tungsten (the book); and our kind and generous leader Julie Humphrey, Durham Tech Library Director, and her precious angel cat man Sumo.

Don’t hug a librarian without their permission, but a thanks is always appreciated if we’ve helped you.