Prelinger Collection: 60,000 film odds & ends released online

Interested in old films and film clips? Interested in free creative commons licensed film clips available for reuse in your own projects?

Prelinger Archives

Check out the Prelinger Archives through, which contains ephemeral films from advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur sources.

Want to see Burt the turtle teach you how to duck and cover in case of an atomic bomb (through a very catchy tune)? How about a cat video from 1947? Wish you could see the importance of springs in daily life? And so much more!

Librarian PSA: Consider the historical context of the videos before judging the accuracy of the information.

Interested in reading more about the Prelinger Archives and this collection of videos? Check out this article from Open Culture.


Spotlight on the Dr. Phail Wynn Jr. Special Collection

Dr. Phail Wynn Jr, was president of Durham Technical Community College from 1980-2007. When Dr. Wynn made a generous donation to the library in 2007, the library created a special collection in his name.  Dr. Wynn requested the collection pertain to socially responsible topics such as ecology and the environment, cultural awareness, global citizenship, teaching tolerance, appreciating diversity, fighting poverty, and promoting world peace.

The library is very proud of this collection and we add new materials each year.  Students, faculty, and staff use and appreciate the resources in this collection. Books can be borrowed for three weeks with one renewal.  The collection is located on the upper level of the library.  Here are some of the recent additions to the collection:

Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality The Renaissance of Renewable Energy   Teaching and Learning in a Diverse WorldA Force for Good: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World Compassionate Careers 

New Books

Our last set of new books for Spring 2016 have arrived. Check out some of these titles over the summer!

Copyright Questions?

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Want to show a movie in your class? Wondering about all the memes you use in your PowerPoint slides? Have doubts about the famous essay you uploaded to Sakai?

We can help!

The Durham Tech Library now has a libguide to help you with all your copyright questions and concerns. It covers Fair Use, the TEACH Act, and books you can check out for more in depth information. 

We’ve included links to sites where you can find images and resources that are either without copyright restrictions, or under a creative commons license. Use this guide to determine whether your use of a work is fair, or covered under the TEACH Act.