What We’re Reading Wednesdays: The Library Staff Edition

In a (hopefully) repeating series highlighting current and recent reads around Durham Tech, here’s what the Durham Tech library staff is reading and has recently read–

The Awkward Yeti website homepage screenshot

Several librarians also enjoy regularly reading The Awkward Yeti, including their current comics on germs in preparation for the new semester.

As always, if you’re interested in a title, you can either search our catalog to see if we have the book or request it through interlibrary loan. ┬áNeed help doing either of these things or don’t yet have a library card? Ask in the library.

Is your department, club, campus, committee, or subgroup interested in participating in a What We’re Reading blog post? The goal of the What We’re Reading posts is to highlight books, professional literature, blogs, or any other things you might be currently reading or have recently finished. Contact OCC Librarian Meredith Lewis for more information.

About Meredith Lewis

Meredith is a reference librarian at Durham Tech on both the Main and Orange County Campuses. She likes fantasy, science-fiction, and historical fiction and is trying to be a better reader of non-fiction (just after she finishes that stack of novels on her bedside table...)