NDC Librarian Toshi Shonek publishes third book of poetry

Santosh 'Toshi' Shonek

Santosh ‘Toshi’ Shonek

Our NDC librarian, Santosh ‘Toshi’ Shonek, has published her third volume of poetry, called Take My Love for Granted, which is now available for checkout from the libraries.  Toshi’s daughter created the art work for each of her book covers.

Toshi has worked at Durham Tech for about thirteen years.  Before Durham Tech, she was a librarian at Duke University.

Toshi recalls how she began writing poetry, “One day in August of 1997, while sitting at work in the Perkins Library of Duke University, some feelings came over me and I had to put them down on paper. Things which were always there became important.  Writing gave me a voice and courage to express what I felt. Poetry is a necessity like breathing. It happens…  I write when the urge is so strong. Poetry is a miracle and a blessing in my life and I am grateful.”

Book cover has the text "Take My Love for Granted" and has a mostly red illustration of a woman with her eyes closed.

Borrow one of Toshi’s books today!

Take My Love for Granted, PK 2097 .S566 T6 2012
Windows to My Heart, PK 2097 .S566 W5 2001
Remembering My Spirit, PK 2097 .S56 R4 1999