“Good night and good luck”

     Borrowing a line frPhotograph of Bill Frazierom broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, we at the Durham Tech  library wish librarian Bill Frazier all the best as he signs off—as this semester ends, he will be closing the chapter on his time at Durham Tech. 

     Bill has worked as evening reference librarian at the ERC main campus library in the fall and spring semesters for almost ten years now, and we will sorely miss his kindness and good humor, not to mention his attention to detail!   Bill has always been willing  and able to pitch in and help with anything we needed, from taking inventory to making information sheets for students to leading library orientations. 

For this, for everything, Bill, we thank you; the library will not be the same without you. On the plus side, Bill will now have more well-deserved time for his passions, such as music, travel, and most of all, family.   But we hope he never forgets his family at Durham Tech.  Good night and good luck indeed—and come visit often!