Crafternoon: Tie Dye Kits!

It’s time for another make-at-home Crafternoon adventure! 

Tie dye | Lisa Padilla | Flickr

The Student Government Association and the Library are giving out tie dye kits to current students, which include three colors (blues, yellows, and reds), gloves, and some rubber bands. You’ll provide your own shirt, bag, pants, scarf, hat, whatever you want to dye (in cotton, polyester, or blended fabric). If you would like one, email us at and we’ll schedule a time for you to pick it up. You can also drop by the Food Pantry outdoor pickup while they’re open to pick up a kit as well. 

Can’t make it to campus to pick up a kit or want to buy your own? We’re using this kit from Michael’s– you can choose from Rainbow, Shark, Mermaid, and Unicorn if you’re buying your own. Or explore the many other options available on the web. 

Keep reading for a few tips, tricks, and design ideas from around the web. 

For success, prewashing the item you’d like to tie dye (no fabric softener) and soaking in hot water or white vinegar are common tips– a less wet garment will have crisper lines, but the dye may not go as deep. A wet garment will likely result in stronger color, but more bleeding and less light space between the colors/more bleeding. Do some research or just go for it! 

Want a little help before getting started? The Crafty Chica has ten tips to get started tie dying.  

tie dyed shirts in various patterns. image is from The Neon Tea Party

There are lots of different patterns of tie dye– you can either free-form it or follow one of the patterns (skip down to the TIEING part of the article)

Show us your creations! Email a picture to

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