New art books available in the library

The library recently added nearly twenty new contemporary art books to our collection thanks to the Art Resources Transfer program sponsored by The Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (D.U.C.). The D.U.C. distributes books on contemporary art and culture free of charge to rural and inner-city libraries, schools, prisons, and alternative education centers nationwide.  By enriching library collections with art resources, the program fosters arts education, literacy, and access to contemporary art. We are excited to offer these books to support the college’s Associate in Fine Arts program.  Book content includes art exhibition catalogs, essays, photography, sculpture, painting, portraiture, mixed media, and more.

Here is the complete list of art books received with descriptions: Art Books donated by the DUC Jan 2018

Some of these books are featured on a display downstairs on the lower level of Main Library.

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