Crafternoon: Creating Community and Cool Things Together

Have you heard about Crafternoons?

All materials will be provided and all current students, faculty, and staff are invited to come hang out, create, and chat with each other (or not, if quiet crafting is your thing). You’ll need to sign in, so make sure you have your Durham Tech ID or know your Durham Tech ID number.

Spring 2023 Crafternoons. Main Campus events are Wednesday from 1-3 pm. Orange County Campus (OCC) events are Tuesdays 11am-1pm.

Crafternoons are hands-on workshops sponsored by the Durham Tech Library and the Student Enrichment Department.

Keep reading for a little more information about each event and don’t forget to put them on your calendar!

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What Can Your Library Do For You?

Whether you’re a new student, returning student, staff or faculty member, the library has resources and services to help your semester be a success, both in person and on our website!

Did you know that in the library you can:

And much more!  And all of our databases and other digital resources?  You can even access them from home!

Come by and see us!  If this is your first time using the library, please remember to bring your updated Durham Tech ID for entry.

New Library PC Reservation System!

Image has the PC Reservation logo and the image of a computer monitor.

At Durham Tech, our students and their academic work are our highest priority.   We are excited to introduce you to our new PC Reservation system in the Main Campus library, which  is designed to ensure that currently enrolled students will be able to access the upstairs library computers in a more timely manner.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about our new system:

What if I am a…

  • Current Durham Tech curriculum student, staff, or faculty member? 

To access our library computers, just log in with your Web Advisor username (last name, first initial, last four digits of your Durham Tech ID number).  You may log in up to 5 different times for a computer session.  You are allowed180 minutes for each session at all Web Advisor computers except the Express Computer, which limits all sessions to 15 minutes each.

  • Current Durham Tech student without a Web Advisor account?

You will need a Guest Pass from the desk to log in, but you may have multiple (up to 5) sessions daily.   We will need to see your Durham Tech student ID and we will issue you a library card.  Then when you come in, just show us your library card and we will ask you to sign in and then we will issue you your guest pass.

  • Guest (includes public patrons and students not currently enrolled)?

            Guests may use one of four designated GUEST computers for one session of up to one hour per day, no extensions.   Guests will need a Durham Tech library card in order to receive a guest pass.  Each time you come in, we will ask for your library card and have you sign in, then we will issue your guest pass to use a computer.

  • How can I get a public patron library card for a Guest Pass?

Patrons must be at least 16 to be issued library cards and use computers. To be issued a public patron library card, guests who are 18 years of age or older should present proof of identification and North Carolina residence at the circulation desk.    High school students (not including Durham Tech Middle College students, who have a Web Advisor username) from Orange and Durham Counties need a completed Parental Authorization form as well as identification in order to be issued a library card.

  • Can I log in on more than one computer?

No.  You must use your own Web Advisor username and you are limited to one computer at the time.

  • Can I make reservations in advance?

Yes!  Current Durham Tech students, staff, or faculty may set up their own reservations daily.

  • Can my child use a computer while I do my work?

No.  Children under 16 may not use library computers even under parental supervision.

           Important Information Regarding Children in the Library:  

Children are not allowed to be left alone in the library– we want children to be safe!  If space is available, children may sit beside parents working on computers upstairs. Children are not allowed in the downstairs computer lab, which is for the use of currently enrolled students only.

   Please note that all computers will time out and log off your session after 15 minutes of inactivity, so be sure to save your work and monitor any time away.

The PC reservation system is also installed in the computer lab downstairs, and students will need to log in using their Web Advisor username there as well.  Remember that the lab is only for currently enrolled students;  you’ll need to show your Durham Tech student ID with a current sticker and sign in.

This system is new to us as well as to you, so we appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks.  Please ask us if you need help or if you have questions!

Testing, testing!

It’s close to time for exams, but the library has another kind of testing already going on. We’re trying out new chat software that lets us IM with students, faculty, or anyone else who needs assistance. To start talking with us, go to the library homepage and click on the chat icon in the middle of the page, near the bottom. If we’re available to chat, the icon looks like:

Shows two chat bubbles. One is orange and says, "Need Help?" The other is blue and says, "Chat with a DTCC Librarian Now"

If we’re not available, a different icon indicates that we’re away. Chat with us, and let us know what you think! We hope that this will help library services be more widely accessible, helping us reach patrons who may not be able to come into the library because of distance, work schedules, or other issues. Even if you’re in the library, though, we’d love to chat with you!

10 reasons to love your library!

1.  Helpful and friendly librarians and library staff!Shows an open book with a few pages tucked back into the spine to form the shape of a heart.

Wifi symbol of a blue dot and curved lines radiating from it2.  Computers, computer lab, and Wifi access

3.  Comfortable group and individual study spaces

A photograph showing the booths in the downstairs study area of the library

4.  Cool new books!

5. New DVDs!

6.  LibGuides for research help

7.  Citation workshops and help with MLA & APA formats!

8. Research databases

9. Graphic novels!

10.  Magazines, journals, and newspapers

and much more!  Visit the library today to register for your library card.  Let us help you find the information and resources you need to be successful this semester.

Citation Workshops for spring semester

Citation Workshops for students at the Durham Tech Library
ERC Computer Lab classroom 52

Photo of a red grade, "A+", circled on a paper
Wed. Mar. 21st  5:30-6:45 p.m
Tues. Apr. 3rd  12:30-1:45 p.m.
Wed. Apr. 11th  11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Workshop Objectives:
-Learn to determine why, when, and how to cite sources
-Learn to locate and follow proper citation guidelines for MLA and APA formats
-Learn how to avoid plagiarism
-Practice creating citations

No pre-registration is required but each workshop is limited to the first 30 participants.

citationworkshops-Sp 2012

Citation Workshops for Students

Do you want to learn strategies for avoiding plagiarism?  Do you want some hands-on practice creating citations? Do you want to be more comfortable using MLA and APA citation styles?

If so, please join us for a Citation Workshop in the ERC Computer Lab classroom 520

Tues. Nov. 29th 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Workshop Objectives:
-Learn to determine why, when, and how to cite sources
-Learn to locate and follow proper citation guidelines for MLA and APA formats
-Learn how to avoid plagiarism
-Practice creating citations

No pre-registration is required but each workshop is limited to the first 30 participants.

At the end of the workshop you will be given a certificate to verify your attendance.

Citation Workshops flyer