Read Great Things Challenge 2022: Ends December 31st! Read and win a prize!

Durham Tech Library Read Great Things Challenge 2022
Did you know you can submit your Read Great Things Challenge form online?

As temperatures drop and the leaves fall, the Durham Tech community has a very important event on the horizon. No, not the end of the fall semester, but the conclusion of the Read Great Things Challenge 2022 on December 31st!

For the last five years, Durham Tech Library has held a fun, no-pressure initiative to keep students, staff, and community members reading throughout the calendar year. Plus, there are prizes to be awarded sometime in January 2023 for those who successfully submit their challenge form!

All types of books count toward the 12 categories, and you only need to fill in 10 of the 12 to qualify for a prize! One book can count for up to two categories, so there is still plenty of time to listen to a short audiobook, enjoy a graphic novel, or even grab one of our vintage paperbacks available in the main campus library. You can read more about the categories on our online guide, where we also have the form that you can submit from the cozy comfort of your home.

What are Read Great Things Challenge Categories?

You can find all of the 2022 categories in the online guide here. One of the categories is “Pick your favorite category from one of our past reading challenges.” The past reading challenges are located on that same guide, just navigate to the previous years using the menu on the left side of the screen.

“But I don’t have TIME to read books before December 31st!”

You would be surprised! Again, a book can qualify for two categories and any type of book is valid! You could even unwind with a few online comic books through Dogwood Digital Library, which would work as “An Artsy Book.”

“I am always driving and never have the time to sit with a book!”

Audiobooks are books! From the convenience of your smartphone and the Libby app (iOS, GooglePlay) you can download audiobooks from the Dogwood Digital Library and play them through your phone. It might not make the traffic disappear, but it is more fun than listening to ads on the radio.
Please note: We encourage you to load up on audiobooks and hit play before you drive. Do not operate your smartphone while driving.

Remember, the deadline is a submission by December 31st. Feel free to fill out the digital form linked at the top of this post during winter break. The library will reach out in January 2023 to those who successfully completed the challenge.

Users should also feel free to deliver paper challenge sheets to the library desk when we are open, but please be mindful of our holiday hours as the library will be closed for winter break after December 16th.