Current Student IDs: Not Just for Main Campus Library Access!

ID Card

Now that the first week of class is over (Congrats!  You did it!), students should have stopped by the Security Office on Main Campus or Security Desk at the Northern Durham Center or Orange County Campus to order or update their student ID.  Please be aware that students without updated Durham Tech student IDs will not be allowed into the Main Campus library starting on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 (see below for more information on the ID policy).  

However, a current student ID doesn’t just get you access to the books, DVDs, computers, CDs, and other perks of the Durham Tech library– it also can get you discounts at local and national chains, both in-person and online.

Locally (click on the links for more information):

National chains with local presences:

(Be sure to check at national chains to see if they’re currently honoring student IDs as policies may vary.)

Investigate for yourself using the following lists:

Good luck and happy saving!

More information on the student ID policy: Students may sign in at Main Campus library one time per semester with an alternate form of photo identification and proof of their current enrollment (syllabus, textbook, etc.).  Current students may not sign in as guests— their names will be checked with the one-time pass list, and they will be denied entry if they have already used their pass this semester.

Please note that Durham Tech students taking classes on other campuses must still have a current student ID in order to enter the Main Campus library.

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