What We’re Reading: Pumpkinheads

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks
Available as an ebook through Dogwood Digital Library

Josiah and Deja work at the Pumpkin Patch, a seasonal fair with food, animals, and a corn maze. It’s their last night of the season and next year they’ll be at college unable to work at The Patch. Will Josiah finally talk to the girl he’s been pining over for years? Deja is going to make sure of it!

A cute fall romance with tons of atmosphere and adorable illustrations.

This book was read by Courtney Bippley, Main Campus Reference Librarian. 

Title: Pumpkinheads

Author: Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks

Genre: Graphic novel

Read Great Things 2021 Categories: A short book; A book with pictures; Choose your own book category: A seasonal book; A book suggested by a Durham Tech Library staff member

Why did you choose to read this?

Sometimes I just want to read something light and fun. Nothing scary, nothing sad, just good vibes. This book fits that description with the added bonus of being seasonally appropriate.

Plus I’d read a couple of other books by Rainbow Rowell before and enjoyed them, so I knew I liked the author’s writing style.

What did you like about it? 

I can’t stress enough how cute the illustrations by Faith Erin Hicks are. All the little details of the Pumpkin Patch are well done and I’d visit the Patch in real life in a heartbeat. Each page has a new fall trope that I love. Hot cider, fall leaves, pumpkins, kettle corn, you name it! It’s an autumnal balm for a bad day.

Did it remind you of any other book, tv show, movie, or any other media?

It didn’t remind me of any specific media, but I did get sense memories of the NC State Fair while reading it. The book has a state fair-type concoction called a “pumpkin bomb” and it reminded me of some of the unique food you can get at the fair.

Who would you recommend this to?

Anyone who enjoys the trappings of fall and likes a quick, fun romance.

Also, anyone worried they won’t finish the Read Great Things Challenge since this can count for 2 categories.

What would you pair this with?

This book would pair well with a hot cider and a walk spent going out of your way to step on every single crunchy leaf.

Are there any books, podcasts, or films you’d recommend to someone who liked this?

The Ghost Choir video still

The Ghost Choir, one of my favorite things every year.

attachments by rainbow rowell

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. 

Available for checkout at the Main Campus Library (PS 3618 .O8755 .A93 2012)

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About Courtney Bippley

Courtney is a Reference Librarian at the Main Campus Library. Her favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. She loves dogs, coffee, and dancing.