All We Can Save Reading Circle

Do you ever get down after reading the news?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the climate crisis? 

Ever feel alone in worrying about the future?

Do you feel left out of conversations around sustainability and eco-consciousness? 

Join our reading circle!

In the spring 2022 semester, the Durham Tech Library will be hosting a reading circle for the book All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, an anthology edited by Dr. Ayana Johnson and Dr. Katherine Wilkinson about truth, courage, and climate solutions. The book tackles history, society, community, technology, intersectional feminism, climate change, climate solutions, and more. 

All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis. Edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson.

What is a reading circle?

It’s like a book club, but just for this book. We will be following guidance from the All We Can Save Project, a nonprofit working to build a feminist climate resistance. 

The All We Can Save Project logo

How long will it take?

10 weeks, with a meeting once a week. We will read essays and poems before each meeting and discuss them. The selections build on each other, so we highly suggest making it to at least 8-10 meetings. 

When does it start?

It will start at the end of January and run through March.

Why are you doing a reading circle for this book?

Because I think it’s an amazing book that can foster community, increase knowledge, and renew hope. Read more of my thoughts about the book on the Durham Tech Library Blog.

Does the Durham Tech Library have copies of the book?

Yes! We have print copies and an audiobook available. If we run out of copies, we can get more through interlibrary loan.

Who can participate?

Anyone! This is not limited to Durham Tech employees only. Students, family members, and members of the public are also invited. All ethnicities, gender identities, and ages are encouraged to attend. 

I’m interested! What next?

Fill out this interest form for more communication about the All We Can Save Circle. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to me at I hope to hear from you soon!

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