New DVDs Available in the Library Now

New Documentaries:


The filmmaker began researching the lives of orcas in captivity after the death of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau.  Her film offers a powerful and provocative look at a remarkable breed of animals that humans still don’t fully understand, and how the financial interests of water parks and resorts may run counter to the best interests of the animals they put on display.

Cover shows a killer whale and the title, "Blackfish"

Dark Girls

Dark Girls is a fascinating and controversial film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices dark-skinned women face throughout the world.


A woman's face is created by using pictures from four women with dark complexions.

Hungry for Change

This documentary exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don’t want you to know about deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what’s keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever.

A smiling woman holds a paper grocery bag filled with fresh food. The title says, "Hungry for Change."

Also: Muscle Shoals, Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life, Head Games, Marley, Undefeated, The Wall: A World Divided, Too Important to Fail, and more!

New Feature Films:

Fruitvale Station

This drama centered on the tragic shooting of Oscar Grant, a vibrant 22-year-old Bay Area father who was senselessly gunned down by BART officers on New Year’s Day in 2009, and whose murder sent shockwaves through the nation after being captured on camera by his fellow passengers.

An African American man wearing dark clothes and a hat stands sideways. The title says, "Fruitvale Station."


12 Years a Slave

Based on the true story of Solomon Northup. It is 1841, and Northup, an accomplished, free citizen of New York, is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

An African American male running. The title says, "12 Years a Slave."


A heart-pounding thriller that will draw viewers into the infinite and merciless realm of deep space.

A female hovers in a spacecraft. The title says, "Gravity."

Also: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Philomena, Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, Nebraska, Inside Llewyn Davis, Wolf of Wall Street, and more!

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New DVDs available in the library

We have added several new documentary films to our library collection.  Learn something new!  Borrow one today!

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American TeacherDVD cover for American Teacher shows a collage of photographs of teachers and the text "American Teacher: One of the toughest jobs in the world is getting tougher."

See the stories of four teachers in different areas of the country, revealing the frustrating realities of today’s teachers, the difficulty of attracting talented new educators, and why so many of our best teachers leave the profession altogether. Can we re-value teaching and turn it into a prestigious, financially attractive, and desirable profession?

BlDVD cover shows an African American looking down, a large Afro obscuring his eyes. Text says, "The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975"ack Power Mixtape

Footage shot by a group of Swedish journalists documenting the Black Power Movement in the United States is edited together by a contemporary Swedish filmmaker.


Half the Sky   

Take an unforgettable journey to meet some of the most courageous individuals of our time, who are doing extraordinary work to empower women and girls everywhere. These are stories of heartbreaking challenge, dramatic transformation and enduring hope.

How to Die in Oregon

In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Since then, more than 500 Oregonians have taken their mortality into their own hands. Filmmaker Peter Richardson gently enters the lives of the terminally ill as they consider whether–and when–to end their lives by lethal overdose. Richardson examines both sides of the complex, emotionally charged issue. What emerges is a life-affirming, staggeringly powerful portrait of what it means to die with dignity.

The Interrupters 

Tells the moving and surprising story of three “violence interrupters” in Chicago who with bravado, humility and even humor try to protect their communities from the violence they once employed.

Invisible War

An investigative documentary about the epidemic of rape of soldiers within the US military.

The Last Mountain

The fight for the last great mountain in America’s Appalachian heartland pits the mining giant that wants to explode it to extract the coal within, against the community fighting to preserve the mountain and build a wind farm on its ridges instead. Robert Kennedy Jr. joins the fight to preserve the mountain.

DVD cover of Louder Than a Bomb shows four individuals standing in front of microphonesLouder Than a Bomb

Follows the fortunes of four Chicago-area high school poetry teams as they prepare for and compete in the world’s largest youth slam.



DVD cover of Project Nim shows a young chimpanzee wearing a red shirt and holding onto the finger of a person out of sight.Project Nim

The story of Nim, the chimpanzee who became the focus of a landmark 1970s experiment to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child. But as Nim’s natural instincts take over and the humans trusted with his well-being fail to protect him, Project Nim uncovers the unflinching and extraordinary journey of one animal thrust into human society.

Titanic: The Complete Story

This is the most complete chronicle of the Titanic ever created and is filled with survivor interviews, rare newsreel footage, and photos. It’s an incomparable voyage into one of history’s most unforgettable tragedies.