Yellow Books for the Annual Pollening

It’s that time of year again. You know what I mean.

Since we can’t avoid it (unless we never leave the house) or control it, we may as well accept it and cope as best we can with itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and a dream of the few perfect days before the humidity settles in our bones.

Here are some blonde books to read outside (after taking your allergy meds) to soak up the spring weather with canary covers to hide the pollen.

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New Books at Main Campus: Read about Recipes, Engaging Students, & More!

Library staff were so pleased to see Altarius Moody in The New York Times boosting Durham Tech’s Culinary Arts Program. To celebrate Durham Tech’s appearance in national culinary news, this week we’ve highlighted a few of our excellent new recipe books available for checkout.

(Psst, did you know we have a terrific research guide for Culinary Arts if you need to brush up on some cooking techniques? It has videos, the history of specific ingredients, and other culinary resources!)

Don’t forget to check out the article either through the NYT website or for free through our database access of NYT articles!

Altarius Moody, center, who runs the culinary arts program at Durham Technical Community College in North Carolina, said the aim is to meet students where they are, even if they have families and full-time jobs.
Altarius Moody, as photographed in the New York Times by Veasey Conway.

After you’ve read about Durham Tech’s culinary accomplishments, swing by the library to check out exciting titles like Leah Thomas’ The Intersectional Environmentalist, or try a new recipe from the New Native Kitchen: Celebrating Modern Recipes of the American Indian cookbook.

Keep reading to see our selection of new books.

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Pictures Books for Everyone!: A book with pictures

Only 53 days left to complete both the 2021 Read Great Things Challenge and the 2021 Reading SPRINT

While your SPRINT books don’t count towards your Read Great Things 2021 Challenge completion, you can definitely complete both challenges. Or just one. Or neither. Either way, you’re still welcome to come join us in December for our bookish celebration. 

One of our favorite* categories in the 2021 Read Great Things Challenge is A book with pictures. Pictures are for everyone!

Click through for some options from the Durham Tech on-campus and digital collections! 

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Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month! 

We can celebrate by learning about the Disability Rights Movement, fighting ableism* wherever it is found, and lifting disabled voices. 

If you haven’t heard of Disability Pride Month before you can read about the origin and meaning in this article. We can spend the last few days of the month (and beyond, don’t let the calendar determine your intersectional education!) reading and learning about disabled experiences, disability advocacy, as well as enjoying stories that feature disabled characters that aren’t just objectification as inspiration. (To learn why inspirational stories about disabled people are often a form of objectification watch this video of speaker Stella Young.)

Find the books below through the Durham Tech Library.

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