Great new resource for debates and pro/con research

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is an online resource covering today’s important social issues such as computer hacking, immigration, same-sex marriage, and voting rights.  The differing viewpoints present each side of an issue and help students develop critical thinking skills and draw their own conclusions. Content includes viewpoint articles, newspaper, magazine and academic journal articles, videos, audio, recommended websites, graphics, and statistics. It’s an excellent place to begin research on current topics.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context sample page

Opposing Viewpoints in Context can be found on the Library’s Databases and Electronic Resources page.  Browse topics and explore this exciting new library resource today!


America’s Pastime

It’s spring: the days are lengthening, pollen is in the air (and on sidewalks, cars … it’s everywhere!). After the darkness, dormancy and hibernation that mark winter, new life abounds in spring. In my neighborhood, azaleas are in full bloom: purple, shades of pink or white flowers, with bumblebees abuzz. I’ve seen fox kits, which were born under a neighbor’s shed, and a baby possum outside my backdoor. The yellow-bellied sapsuckers have left for cooler climates and other birds have returned to their summer home.

The return of spring also heralds the return of professional baseball in the United States. Continue Reading →

Financial Literacy Month

April has been designated Financial Literacy Month in the United States of America. Learning about your personal finances and how to manage them can be daunting. There is so much information out there, where do you start? Here are two resources that can help. is a website funded by the government that takes you through what they call the five principles (Earn, Save & Invest, Protect, Spend, Borrow) and explains each. You can also look at what to do for big life events, such as buying a house, getting married, having a baby, and starting a business. This website is a great resource to get a good look at how personal finances work.

Here is a video from Films On Demand that help explain personal finance concepts so you can start understanding and getting a handle on your own finances. This video covers budgeting, saving, understanding how your insurance works, and scams to avoid. Log in with your WebAdvisor to view the video.

Interested in a different topic? There are more videos available about all kinds of personal finance and more at Films On Demand.

April’s New Books

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Come check us out! This is just a small selection of the books on our New Book Shelf which is to the right of the circulation desk at the library on Main Campus.

Don’t have cash for HBO or Starz?

Premium cable can be expensive or, if you’re like me, you like to marathon an entire season of a show instead of waiting impatiently for the season to unfold.  (Thank you, Netflix for indulging me on this.)

Well, you Game of Thrones and Outlander fans, have we got the solution for you: Check out the book versions of your favorite series!

See all the additional people killed and maimed in books 1-5 of George R.R. Martin’s awesome fantasy epics before the new season starts on April 12 on HBO:

Game of Thrones Books 1-5 book spine image

The book series thus far. Will George RR Martin be able to finish the next book before HBO finishes it for him?

See how much manlier and brawnier Jamie is (and how different Frank is) in book 1 of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series before season 1, part 2 starts on April 4 on Starz:

Outlander book cover

Book 1 in the series of, currently, 8 big ol’ books

(Need more Jamie and Claire?  Ask a librarian about interlibrary loan to get your fix.)

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