Get Your Hamilton Fix

You say–

The price of a ticket to NYC is not a price that you’re willing to pay.

Good news!

The Library’s here to cure your post-Hamilton blues.

Don’t be sad;

Remember that books and streaming theater can be digitally had!

Now you’re glad!

Remember that even though it’s summer, we’re here for you.

Character of King George from the musical Hamilton doing a little shoulder shimmy

Da-da-da, dat-da, dat, da-da-da, da-ya-da

Da-da, dat, dat, da-ya-da

Da-da-da, dat-da, dat, da-da-da, da-ya-da

Da-da, dat, dat, da-ya*

With Hamilton‘s recent run at DPAC, if you scored tickets, you may be left wanting more.

While we don’t have access to the streaming musical itself (Disney+ has a monopoly on that), we do have some books and movies that you can immerse yourself in to keep the historical magic alive.

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What We’re Reading: Nomadland

nomadland: surviving america in the twenty-first century by jessica bruder
Available at the Main Campus (HD 6280 .B77 2017) and as an ebook through Dogwood Digital Library

Ever notice an RV parked by Walmart at midnight? Ever wonder where your Amazon packages came from? Do you imagine that life on the road embodies the American dream? Find out!

This book was read by Susan Baker, Main Campus Reference Librarian.

Title: Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

Author: Jessica Bruder 

Genre: Travel…sociology…retirement…economics…poverty? Nonfiction works, too.

Read Great Things 2021 categories: A book about social justice or equity, A microhistory (I personally used this title for this category), Choose your own category: A book made into a movie; A book suggested by a Durham Tech library staff member 

Why did you choose to read, listen to, or watch this?

I kept seeing this title—for the book, for the movie—in libraries, in magazines, in articles.  I resisted. But its persistent presence, as well as the image of on the cover, ultimately seduced me— hasn’t everyone dreamed of hitting the road in a vintage Airstream, especially during the darkest days of the pandemic? 

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Books on the screen!

So many great books are hitting the screen this fall, either as TV shows or movies.  Many are already out or available on streaming platforms. 

Here are a few book adaptations that we’re looking forward to watching or are currently enjoying.

If you would like to read one of these but it’s not available at our libraries, you may request it through Interlibrary loan. Happy reading and watching!

What We’re Reading: Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune is a story about politics, psychology, religion, addiction, ecology, power, and giant worms in the desert.

First published in 1965, Dune has become known as a science fiction classic. Two terrible movie adaptations have already been made and another hopefully not terrible film is coming out in October 2021. The main character is Paul Atreides, son of a Duke, who arrives to the desert planet of Arrakis and meets his destiny there. 

Dune by frank herbert (deluxe edition)
Many formats (and several additional books in the series) available through the Durham Tech Libraries

This book was read by Courtney Bippley, Main Campus Reference Librarian and library podcaster [Out Loud in the Library is available on all your favorite podcatchers]. 

Title: Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Audiobook

Read Great Things 2021 Challenge Categories: A book about or set in space; A book recommended by a Durham Tech Library staff member

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What We’re Reading: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

 This book was read by Julie Humphrey, Library Director.

Title: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
Author: Bryan Stevenson
Genre: nonfiction, memoir
Read Great Things 2020 Categories: A book about civic engagement; A book that has won an award, and A book suggested by a Durham Tech Librarian

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New books on screen this spring

Books on Screen
Image from UNC Charlotte Library 

There are several movies and TV shows coming out this spring based on books.  Several book adaptations have been released as TV series or films earlier this year as well. 

It can be really enjoyable to read the book and watch the show or movie.  So far, I’ve watched The Plot Against America, Killing Eve, and Normal People. I’m currently reading Just Mercy and then plan to watch the film. Little Fires Everywhere is in my book stack to read, and I want to watch the show as well.   

From Print on the Small [Mostly Streaming] Screen: Book to TV Adaptations

Do you like your book adaptations to go beyond the two hour constraint of a movie screen? If so, have you checked out the literary companions to these recent television adaptations? 

Books on the Big Screen

There are lots of movies coming out this fall based on books.  Several book adaptations have been released as films earlier this year as well.  Check out these books from the library to read before or after watching the movie version!  

For a more complete list of book adaptations to film, visit the article “Books to Movies & TV in 2019: 50+ Upcoming Adaptations” from Bibliofile’s Review of books.  

Did you enjoy the Black Panther movie? Want to read the comic books?

The library has the first three graphic novels in the recent Black Panther series and we have just ordered the fourth.  If you liked the movie and want to learn more of the back story, borrow these today!  You’ll find them on our new bookshelf.

Black Panther Book 2

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 2

Black Panther Book 1

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 1

Black Panther Book 3

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 3

Luke Cage in the Library

It’s been about a month since season 1 of Luke Cage was released on Netflix. So, obviously, everyone has finished it by now, right? Yes? No? Either way this post is spoiler free, unless you consider literature references spoilers.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage makes a ton of literary references. It names titles and authors that have made their mark on African American culture, as well as simply nodding to some bestsellers and other well known works. Luke Cage is a well-read man, as are the villains in the show. It’s wonderful to see so many books and authors acknowledged on television for the effect they had on people and culture.

A Luke Cage Syllabus was created by Tara Betts over on If you get the chance to look at it, I highly recommend it. It’s well done and the length of the list is impressive. It also includes notes on when the book was referenced in the show and recommendations for further reading.

Here are a few of the titles from the #LukeCageSyllabus #Season1 that we have at the Durham Tech Library. This isn’t a comprehensive list of the books and authors we have from the list, and if you’d like to read something we don’t have we can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan.

Acres of Skin by Allen M. Hornblum

Acres of Skin by Allen M. Hornblum


Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

The Heat's On by Chester Himes

The Heat’s On by Chester Himes