Celebrate Black History Month with Streaming Video from Films on Demand

Watch the film above, an interview with inspirational Congressman John Lewis, or those below and visit Films on Demand for more films and clips to celebrate and honor Black History Month.  Films or shorter film segments can be easily embedded into Sakai course sites. Visit our display window outside of the library for lots of books and DVD resources available for checkout.

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Famous Americans: Famous African-Americans

Features Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and  many other African-Americans who fought for American independence, the abolition of slavery, civil rights, and had a great impact on society.

4 Little Girls

Spike Lee’s documentary about a racially motivated bombing that may have been caused by — and most definitely helped define — the emerging civil-rights movement championed by Dr. Martin Luther King and others. 4 Little Girls is at once a moving human account by family members and friends of the four girls who perished in the September 15, 1963 bombing, as well as an important historical account of the forces that shaped race relations in Birmingham and the nation in the 1960s.

This program reveals a long-running struggle for racial equality starting with Civil War– and Reconstruction-era events, moving through the blight of Jim Crow and the formation of the NAACP and other groups, and depicting the drama of King’s movement in varied, evolving phases. The work of Malcolm X, the rise of the Black Power movement, and the future of America’s ongoing equality battles are also examined.

This five-part series features an all-star cast who read from a collection of letters, diaries, speeches, and military records that document and acknowledge the sacrifices and accomplishments of African-Americans across four centuries of warfare.